Kat Crystal


Now, more than ever in these uncertain times, my personal motto Life is short, make it sweet rings ever truer. 

My name is Kat Crystal and I am the face behind Cake & Crumb.

My cake adventure began in early 2014. After graduating university and becoming a working professional, I quickly began to feel my creative side fade away. Long hours at the office meant less time at home, and ultimately, less opportunities to explore my passion for baking.


After a long day at work, I'd often find myself spending my evenings watching The Food Network and scouring Pinterest for delicious things to make. It didn't take me long to become obsessed with every cake decorating show on television. I found it amazing how the food staples found in every kitchen - flour, sugar, eggs and butter - could be combined to create something so beautiful and tasty.


After countless hours of "Cake Boss" I became the worlds biggest armchair quarterback baker. Deflating cake? Well, clearly you didn't bake it long enough. Icing fall off? Duh, more sugar. Eight tier sea monster cake complete with a functioning aquarium and real fish? I mean, I guess it's ok, but you call THAT an octopus? 


The more I watched, the more confident I became in becoming a cake boss myself. And one fateful morning, after buying some fondant and supplies from the store, I returned and began work on my masterpiece. 


Hours later, as I sat in my kitchen eating icing from the bowl, I stared at what I had made: a lopsided, deflated blob with runny icing. The fondant? Completely ruined and ripped into a million pieces. It turns out that decorating cakes was harder than I thought! 


I was determined not to give up. I enrolled myself in a cake decorating course with one of the GTA's most prestigious wedding cake designers. After several months (and disasters), I completed the course by creating my very first two tier fondant cake. Did it look great? Definitely not. But I loved it nonetheless. 


Many years and hundreds of cakes later, one of my favourite aspects of decorating is still the challenge of learning new techniques. It’s second only to my enjoyment of the reactions people have when they see their ideas come to life. I enjoy it so much, that I decided life was too short not to make the jump to living my passion full time. And so, Cake & Crumb was born.


So, get inspired by some of the previous client creations in our image gallery or get in touch for a consultation for your own creative vision. Whether you're ordering a cake for your next event or one of the other services we offer, just remember …


Life is short, make it sweet!