Flavour List

On this page you'll find a list of our favourite recipes which are offered at all times throughout the year. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of classic, kid friendly, and luxurious cake options. 

All cakes and cupcakes are baked in a health inspected commercial facility by professional and insured staff. Although most recipes do not contain nuts, we are unable to guarantee "peanut-free".

Silver Package

Vanilla Bean - A fresh, light vanilla cake filled with creamy, smooth buttercream.

Chocolate Fudge - A heartier cake, packed full of dark cocoa and filled with creamy, smooth buttercream.

Lemon Twist - A light, zesty cake flavoured with fresh lemon and filled with creamy, smooth vanilla buttercream. 

Gold Package
(additional $0.50 per serving)

Cookies and Cream - Layers of  vanilla cake, packed full of cookie chunks and filled with a cookie buttercream filling.

Funfetti - A light vanilla cake baked with copious amounts of colourful sprinkles,  filled with even more sprinkles and buttercream.

Almond - A hearty, delicious, vanilla almond cake filled with sliced almonds.


Espresso Fudge - A chocolate fudge cake filled with rich espresso buttercream. 

Spiced Carrot - Filled with our signature cream cheese icing, this spiced carrot recipe has the perfect balance of richness and flavour.

Platinum Package
(additional $1.00 per serving)

Pink Champagne - One of our favourites! Made with real champagne, this flavour is the perfect choice for bridal showers, bachlorette parties and special celebrations.

Strawberries and Cream - A hearty vanilla cake, filled to the brim with fresh strawberries and creamy vanilla custard. 

Lemon Raspberry - Kat's personal favourite! Lemon twist cake filled with mouth watering fresh raspberries and vanilla buttercream. 

Lemon Blueberry - Lemon twist cake bursting with fresh blueberries and vanilla buttercream. 

Irish Cream - Chocolate fudge cake filled with Bailey's flavoured buttercream.


Dietary Restrictions

At Cake & Crumb we believe that cake is for everyone - regardless of dietary restrictions. Ask today about our egg free, dairy free, and vegan options.


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