Whether you're a seasoned cake expert or a custom cake newbie, we've compiled some helpful info to guide you through your cake design journey...


So you're planning an event! If you're like me then you've probably got a "to-do" list a mile long. But at the top of that list should be nailing down the date. When it comes to designing and ordering your cake, the sooner the better. For custom birthday or celebration cakes it is recommended to order 4-8 weeks in advance. This ensures that decorations, flowers, fondant, and cake toppers can be ordered and made in time. Please note that we are only open Thursday to Saturday from 9am-5pm, and are closed for all statutory holidays. 


 If your event requires a large or intricate cake requiring delivery, it is recommended to order 3-12 months in advance. This is especially true for wedding cakes. In addition to many hours in the kitchen and design room, wedding cakes typically require on-site assembly.

Cake & Crumb typically books a maximum of two weddings per weekend. So make sure you book early! 


Deciding how much cake to order can sometimes be confusing. We typically quote cake based on industry standard serving size, which most people find rather conservative. For this reason, we break down our serving size chart into "Cocktail Servings" and "Party Servings". For large events, such as weddings, we suggest ordering cake for 60%-75% of your guests:


6" Round: 14 Cocktail Servings, 10 Party Servings - $95+

8" Round: 26 Cocktail Servings, 20 Party Servings - $125+

10" Round: 38 Cocktail Servings, 30 Party Servings - $155+


**Medium Two Tier: 50 Cocktail Servings, 35 Party Servings - $325+


**Small Three Tier: 56 Cocktail Servings, 40 Party Servings - $425+

**Medium Three Tier: 100 Cocktail Servings, 75 Party Servings - $620+


Small Number Cake (2 digit): Approx. 20 Servings - $95 plus toppings/decorations

Large Number Cake (2 digit): Approx. 50 Servings - $180 plus toppings/decorations

**Includes complimentary consultation with cake tasting after booking


$50 minimum fee for delivery only. 

$75 minimum fee for delivery/set-up/Sunday deliveries within a 45 minute drive of our store.

Additional $50 fee for every additional 15 minutes of driving time.

Please allow 1.5-2 hours for set-up.

Contract required for outdoor events.

Things to consider when deciding on serving size:

Are my guests being served dinner prior to dessert?

Are other deserts being served?

Are my guests mainly adults, or children? 

How many of my guests will be eating dessert? 


Cake & Crumb believes that cakes should not only look magnificent but taste incredible! We offer a wide range of flavours which are sure to blow you away. Kindly note that flavours with fresh fruit fillings are not available for fondant cakes. 


Chocolate Fudge

Vanilla Bean

Lemon Velvet

Birthday Cake

Cookies and Cream ($0.50 extra per serving)

Chocolate Espresso


PLATINUM CAKE FLAVOURS ($1.00 extra per serving)

Lemon Raspberry

Strawberries and Cream

Baileys and Cream

Almond and Amaretto

Chocolate Strawberry

Crème Anglaise


Once you have chosen the serving size and flavour, we can start designing your cake! Whether you know exactly what you want, or are looking for a complete surprise, you can rest assured that Cake & Crumb will deliver something incredible for your event. If you are providing photographs for reference, please note that some design elements may be tweaked to provide a truly unique creation (we don't believe in copycats!).


In addition to cakes, we also offer a variety of treats for dessert tables. The minimum order is one dozen of each dessert. These items are all handmade and come in a variety of flavours:

Cupcakes - $42+ per dozen

Cream Puffs - $36 per dozen

Bite Size Brownies - $15 per dozen

Macarons - $30 per dozen

Mini Cheesecakes - $48 per dozen

Cookie Sandwiches - $40 per dozen

Biscotti - $30 per dozen

Mini Tarts - $36 per dozen

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